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Nevermore - Kelly Creagh

Not only was this book well written, with elegant language and setting, but it was exciting, breathtaking, and original, too.
This story is about a cheerleader named Isobel, who is assigned to work with goth boy outcast Varen on an English project. Varen decides that they are going to research Edgar Allan Poe, his favorite author. As they spend more time together, both on the project, and for other reasons, such as her boyfriend trashing Varen's workplace, she not only begins to feel closer to him, but to notice strange things. People that others cannot see, voices that cannot be explained. 
It turns out that Varen has created a dream world through his notebook and his obsession with Edgar Allan Poe. It has taken over his life, and now Isobel has to find a way to save him from it. 
I finished this incredibly thick book in four days. I recommend this book for anyone craving something fresh, original, exciting, and romantic